Help us help others find a cure.

Help us help others find a cure


The Dolores Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our new pARTnership program. In an attempt to expand our community of caring, Dolores will be highlighting local artists, increasing the visibility of these important cultural contributors, while at the same time, raising awareness about issues surrounding Alzheimer’s disease.

Patrons of the arts can become a member of our program, giving them exclusive access to artwork provided by our participating creatives.

By becoming a pARTnership member, you’ll be supporting the the important work The Dolores Foundation does to facilitate the fight against Alzheimer’s. For more information, contact

Artwork by Ian James Roche
"Warrior Blossom" by Ian James Roche



Patrons sign up to become members of our pARTnership program.

Artists submit images of artwork for Dolores to make available to pARTnership members.


Members select from our exclusive collection of original artwork provided by our artists.


The profits from all sales made through the pARTnership program go to fund the work of The Dolores Foundation.


Share the joy your new work of art brings with your friends and family. Experience the satisfaction in knowing that you’re helping to facilitate the important work of the Dolores Foundation. Help spread the word about Alzheimer’s and about our program!


Mutual benefit is the cornerstone of the pARTnership program.
Here are some reasons for every type of contributor to become involved:


  • exclusive access to collection
  • membership is tax deductible
  • support the work of Dolores


  • community involvement
  • professional exposure
  • support the work of Dolores

The Dolores Foundation

  • foster a community of caring
  • increased awareness of Dolores’ mission
  • financial support for Dolores’ efforts

the work

The Dolores Foundation is proud to showcase the work of all our contributing artists and thanks them for generously offering up the time and effort they put into creating these works of art.

By becoming a pARTnership member and making a purchase, you’ll be doubly supporting the important work The Dolores Foundation does to facilitate the fight against Alzheimer’s—both through the proceeds from your purchase, as well as your membership fee. For more information, contact

featured artist

Ian James Roche

Who I am...
My work is a very honest and powerful expression of the beautiful evolution of a human being. I create from within and when I start a piece, I do not hold onto a concrete image of what the painting should look like when it is finished. I put the pastel to the sheetrock and let it move. I let my mind guide the powerful force of my emotion with each line or curve of the pastel and I let the painting evolve into harmony.

As I continue to grow as an artist, I am learning more and more how to harness this creativity and to understand the beauty of the human experience. My work has become a therapy for me. It allows me to bring my emotions to life and to reflect on who I am and who I want to be.

Ian James Roche in gallery

previous artwork

Here’s some examples of artwork previously purchased by patrons of Dolores.